The First Halloween

The Story

It was a spooky fall night. A full harvest moon shined brightly over a mausoleum where baby Dracula rested peacefully in his coffin under the watchful eye of Frankenstein and the Bride. 

A gargoyle welcomed three zombies from the east who shambled in to celebrate and eat brains. Shepherding two friendly hounds of hell, Mummy and Werewolf join their friends for The First Halloween.

Bride and Frank

A Halloween Nativity Set? 

You betcha! Now you can decorate your house during TWO holidays with the SAME delightful decorations!

You can’t be serious? 

We are! We put a new spin on an holiday classic, and created a tradition for families for years to come!


Well what the heck is it? 

You may notice a direct correlation with the original nativity, but it's now filled with Halloween classics – Frankenstein, the Bride, Mummy, Wolfman and Dracula to name a few. These characters, having enjoyed the Halloween spotlight for well over half a century, conjure plenty of nostalgia from Halloweens past in a totally new, first-of-its-kind environment. The First Halloween is a blend of Halloween tradition and the Spirit of Christmas in a fun whimsical way that people of all ages will enjoy. These wonderfully crafted characters will light up any coffee table, mantle or tabletop. Put it out October 1, and don’t take down till January 1!

Sounds fun. What’s it made of? 

Crafted for plenty of handling, everything is made of injected, high- quality resin and color. And so as not to be scary to young children, all have big smiles – each character begging to be played with. The mausoleum and harvest moon set a backdrop for potential additions of your own choice such as decorative dirt, straw or fog.

Where can I get one! 

You can pre order the newly revised set here!. If your favorite retailer isn’t carrying it yet, be sure to tell them you want one, and have them contact us!    

Halloween Nativity Group